Upcoming AGM – Mon 5 March

Published on: February 22nd, 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

Our P&C involves people just like you – parents, past parents and community minded people who want to help our school. The P&C works very closely with our school towards building a stronger school community – where all children benefit! Outstanding schools need strong parent, carer and community input to ensure the best outcomes for students and staff. It is an excellent way to be informed of the issues and news within the school as they unfold. As a bonus, get to know other parents and community members as well as create lifelong friendships, wonderful memories and endless laughs. Come along and be part of our next meeting.

Our next meeting is our AGM held on Monday the 5th of March, a requirement of the AGM is to elect an executive committee and confirm subcommittees. All positions become vacant and have to be reappointed at every AGM. The executive committee consists of the following officers; a President, at least one Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and any additional officers as decided by the association.

Subcommittees‘ continuance and officers also needs to be confirmed at the AGM. At Marshall Road State School we have:

● Outside School Hours Care (Kidszone)
● Fete and Fundraising
● Retail (Tuckshop and Uniform Shop)
● Swim Club
● Music Support
● Sustainability
● Building Fund

The P&C, its subcommittees and activities run by the P&C rely on parent and community involvement for the benefit of our children. Put your hand up and get involved in some way. The committee and subcommittee positions can work around what time you can give and the skills you have. In addition, the 2018 volunteer register survey will soon be out to for you to indicate your preferences. For each activity you select, your contacts will be given to the coordinator who will get in touch as the event/activity approaches to confirm availability.

A lot can and has been achieved through the P&C and school working together towards common goals. To continue this important work, P&Cs need people from all walks of life and with a range of talents who are committed to delivering great outcomes for their children and school. If anyone is interested in becoming a member of MRSS P&C for 2018, information including the application form, is available on the About Us page.

If you are applying for an executive position please send both the nomination form and the 2018 membership form to secretary@mrsspandc.com.

The upcoming AGM is also the only meeting where you don't need to attend to become a member. Just email the completed form to the secretary (secretary@mrsspandc.com) or pop it in the P&C slot up at admin. These forms are also attached to this email below.

P&C Executive

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