Changes to School Banking

Published on: April 30th, 2018

After recent parent consultation the P&C has approved commencement of School Banking via Bendigo Bank. For Terms 2 & 3 we will be offering both CBA and Bendigo services and at that stage we will review whether to fully cease CBA.

We have organised for Bendigo Bank to come to us Tuesday 1 May thru Friday 4 May mornings as well as other dates later in the term. Get the two page sign up form. If you have this form completed and have your ID and child’s ID (birth certificate & Medicare OR passport) it will take 5 minutes with us to establish an account. The ONLY part on the form that requires completion is the Applicant Details section. Your child is Applicant 1 (titled member) and you, their parent/guardian, are Applicant 2 (non – titled member). You do not need to fill in the ‘Customer Best Record’ Field in this section. All other sections including the signatures will be completed if necessary with Bendigo so they can assist in doing it correctly.

Tuesday 1st – Friday 4th May we will be located under A block near the uniform shop counter from 8am to 9am. Alternatively, just drop into the local Bendigo branch on Logan Rd with these documents.

The process will be much the same as the existing process with children to bring in their deposit book and money every Thursday for processing. Students will get a Piggy Map which will track their deposits. Once they make 5 deposits they will receive a reward item from the bank.

If you have any questions at all please email on or see us after the bell rings every Thursday morning at the Kidzone games room.

Thanks, Meredith and Heidi
(School Banking Coordinators)


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