booklistsMRSS organises books and stationery booklists via Sequel and by purchasing through this company, it means the modest profit that is generated stays in the school for the purpose of fund raising to benefit the school and all of its students.

With Sequel, you have the option of ordering online or visiting them in store at 115 Muriel Ave, Moorooka. You can also take your booklist and purchase the items yourself at different stores.

It’s also worth checking with your child’s teacher as to whether there are any leftover stationery items coming home at the end of the year.

In term 4, you can log onto the Sequel website and order online – although orders close mid November.

After online orders close, you can still access the booklists and print them out. The school often has the booklists as PDFs on their website too.

Delivery occurs in the first three weeks of January, and definitely before school starts! Please wait until after the delivery period before contacting Sequel, as it is an extremely busy time of year.

> Marshall Road State School website – Booklists
> Sequel Books