Tuckshop Update

Published on: August 29th, 2019

Great news Marshall Roaders!  The next stage of our Tuckshop rejuvenation is underway.  If you’ve been near the front of the school the past few weeks, you would have noticed our artist, Rachel Sourini painting up a storm to make the front of our school and the outside of the tuckshop look bright and welcoming.  Told you that pesky owl would be appearing somewhere!

We think it looks amazing and we are so grateful for the P & C for making this possible.  If you have bought a raffle ticket, or attended a trivia night, or spent money or donated items to the fete, then you have helped to make this project happen.  So, thank you!

You will have noticed by now that the regular tuckshop menu has been split into food you can order both breaks (Sandwiches, pies and sausage rolls and snacks) and food you can only order for first break (more of the main meal options like curried sausages, nacho dippers etc).  This will mean the tuckshop staff and volunteers will be better able to prepare all the food in a timely manner and hopefully avoid any delays, even on our busiest days.

We have also made certain foods available only on one day each week.  We hope this adds a bit of variety for the children and spreads our orders a little more evenly across our opening days.

Kara and Tania in front of the newly painted tuckshop!

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