Tuckshop Tastes

Each week we feature two specials from a different country of the world.  These meals are available for that week only and can be ordered over the counter or online. Keep your eyes peeled for posters around the shool with the featured menu items as well as some fun and interesting facts about that particular country. Posters will go up each Monday, so the students will know what’s on offer by the time the tuckshop is open on Wednesday.

Tastes in Term 3

A trip to India was very popular where Tania’s very popular Butter Chicken made a comeback!  This meal is gluten and dairy free and is made fresh in the tuckshop kitchen.

Vietnamese week was Chicken Noodle Soup in two sizes, with the option of extra wontons. There was also delicious Pandan cupcakes available –

Second week we headed to Great Britain for some Bangers and Mash and Fish n Chips, which also both seem very popular with the kids and staff too. 

Our first Taste of the World was all about Italy!  Our specials were Spaghetti and Meatballs and Nut Free Pesto Chicken Pasta.  These delicious meals were made fresh in the tuckshop, with a gluten free option, and choice of with or without cheese.