The Sub-Committees

Each sub-committee has a chair, treasurer and secretary, and can also have general members forming part of their team.

The 2018/19 sub-committees are:

  • Outside School Hours Care (Kidszone)
    • Chairperson: Sandy Howe
    • Secretary: Nicole Dowden
    • Treasurer: Diane Sargant
    • Supervisor: Sharon Torpey
  • Fete and Fundraising
    This sub-committee organises the biannual school fete, and manages the fundraising efforts of the P&C. There are a number of events that occur each year, and there are fundraisers that are one-off or trialed. The F&F sub-committee is also available to help other sub-committees or the parent community with their fundraising efforts. If you’d like to get involved, even without joining the P&C, please contact

    • Co-Chairs: Sonia Leggatt and Erin Douglas
    • Treasurer: Nicole Bofinger and Rebecca Ross
    • Secretary: Heidi Wray and Liz Taylor
  • Retail
    This sub-committee manages the Tuckshop and Uniform Shop.

    • Chairperson: Rachel Spearitt
    • Secretary: Natasha Reid
    • Treasurer: Karren Simpson
    • Uniform Coordinator: Kara Barclay
    • Tuckshop Convenor: Tania Muller, and 2IC, Linda Hollier.
  • Swim Club

    • Chairperson: Amanda Drury
    • Vice Chair: Sam Pigeon
    • Secretary: Paulette Dupuy
    • Assistant Secretary / Correspondence: Renee Nichols
    • Treasurer: Liz Griffiths
  • Music Support
    • Chairperson: Alicia Beckham
    • Secretary: Vacant
    • Treasurer: Vacant
  • Sustainability (working group)
    This sub-committee is relatively new, and is actively looking for new members and officers. If you’d like to get involved, even without joining the P&C, please contact

    • Chairperson: Sophie Hollier
    • Secretary: Magdalena Lang
  • Building Fund
    Note: these roles are filled by the Executive.

    • Chairperson: Yvonne Hartnell
    • Vice-Chairpersons: Tom Deanne, Carradeen Taylor
    • Secretary: Danielle Clarke
    • Treasurer: Jo Killips