The Sub-Committees

Each sub-committee has a chair, treasurer and secretary, and can also have general members forming part of their team.

The 2019/20 sub-committees are:

  • Outside School Hours Care (Kidszone)
    No nominations for this position were received in writing or from the floor at the 2019 AGM. The President advised that the Position Description is still to be finalised for this role and the President of P&C Exec will continue in this role until a VP is appointed.

    • Nominated Supervisors: Jane Wells and Tania Clissold
  • Fete and Fundraising
    • Co-Chairs: Sonia Leggatt and Erin Douglas
    • Treasurer: Magdalena Lang
    • Secretary: Liz Taylor
  • Retail
    This sub-committee manages the Tuckshop and Uniform Shop.

    • Chairperson: Elena Nicoloau
    • Secretary: Vacant
    • Treasurer: Karren Simpson
    • Uniform Convenor: Leah Hanrahan
    • Tuckshop Convenor: Tania Muller, and 2IC, Kara Barclay.
  • Swim Club
    Swim Club AGM will be held on Sunday 31 March, 2019 and will inform the P&C at the next meeting of the new Swim Club Executive.
    2018 roles are:

    • Chairperson: Amanda Drury
    • Vice Chair: Sam Pigeon
    • Secretary: Paulette Dupuy
    • Assistant Secretary / Correspondence: Renee Nichols
    • Treasurer: Liz Griffiths
  • Music Support
    • Chairperson: Alicia Beckham
    • Deputy Chair: Kristy Hunt
    • Secretary: Rachel Spearritt
    • Treasurer: Vacant
  • Sustainability (working group)
    This sub-committee is relatively new, and is actively looking for new members and officers. If you’d like to get involved, even without joining the P&C, please contact

    • Chairperson: Sophie Hollier
    • Vice Chair: Jasmin Henery
    • Secretary: Rachel Irvine
  • Building Fund
    Note: these roles are filled by the Executive.

    • Chairperson: Yvonne Hartnell
    • Vice-Chairpersons: Tom Deane
    • Secretary: Vanessa Lentile
    • Assistant Secretary: Sarah Partosh
    • Treasurer: Jo Killips