School Banking

We are moving from Commonwealth Bank to Bendigo Bank for our school banking.
From Term 4, 2018, Bendigo will be the only school banking system on offer.

How to deposit

School Banking is available every Thursday between 9am and 9.30am in the Kidzone new games room.

Students simply need to hand their deposit wallet to their class teacher on Thursday mornings to go into the banking bag and then the banking bag gets brought up to the New Games room, ready to be taken up to our local Bendigo branch.

How to sign up

The sign up process is easy. Simply complete the 2-page Bendigo New Account Form (updated 6 Aug 2018) and drop in to see the friendly staff at our local Bendigo Bank (973 Logan Road, Holland Park – near Dee Dot Café). You will need to take the completed form and have your ID and child’s ID (birth certificate and Medicare card or passport). The ONLY part on the form that requires completion is the Applicant Details section. Your child is Applicant 1 (titled member) and you, their parent/guardian, are Applicant 2 (non-titled member). You do not need to fill in the ‘Customer Best Record’ Field in this section. All other sections including the signatures will be completed if necessary with Bendigo so they can assist in doing it correctly.

When your child is signed up for school banking they will receive a deposit wallet which will have inside it – Student banking  name and account slip, transaction record book, and a piggy map which you can keep at home to record the number of deposits made and track how close you are to winning a prize (we will keep another copy of this at school to keep track of the deposits also).


You will be notified when your child has completed 5 deposits and they will be able to choose from available prize rewards. They will receive prizes after every 5 deposits.

Examples of prizes:

Saving certificates are also awarded after every 10 deposits.

Throughout the year there will also be random prize draws on parade where children will have an extra chance to win a bonus prize. Three lucky children have received huge Crayola gift packs on parade in early Term 3, 2018.

For Commonwealth Bank Accounts:

The Commonwealth Bank school banking program will conclude at the end of Term 3 2018.
Please note: we are no longer distributing the silver and gold tokens, but your tallies for these are available via your account or by using the app

Rewards: to see which rewards are available to your children after they have made 10 deposits, please access your School Banking portal. Or if you need the order form, you can download it from the Rewards Section of the CBA website. You should have also been notified early in Term 3 the number of deposits that your child is up to so that you know if they will be eligible to receive one last prize. Please ensure this is ordered before the end of Term 3.

Who to contact

Meredith Daoud & Heidi Wray (School Banking Co-ordinators 2018)

If you’d like to contact the MRSS school banking team, please email