Passive Fundraisers

Passive Fundraisers

The Fundraising Subcommittee at MRSS works very hard to tick all available opportunities when it comes to fundraising and giving our school (and therefore kids) the best we can.

Obviously, we run our more obvious fundraisers – Fetes, Movie Nights, Trivia Nights, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Stalls etc but we have also set up a fair few passive fundraisers. Passive fundraisers are where MRSS can raise money without you having to do anything more than you usually do!  You can find out what we have set up with a brief description here, but click through for more information.

Discovery Club
You have the choice of subscribing monthly to receive one or two ADORABLE children’s picture books.  With every three months you have been a member you earn one book for MRSS school library.

EZ Covers
Earn 15c rebate for the school for each bookcover you buy! Simply select the school and add the code: EZ15 to the promo code box when you check out. When we reach $100, EZ Covers will transfer the money to our bank account.

Community Offers

MRSS Pizza Mogul

You can use our link or scroll down the order page to the Pizza Mogul section and search for MRSS. By doing this, our school can earn between 25c and $4 depending on the toppings you choose! Also, check out the special offers available for Pizza Mogul customers too! If you can’t find us, please select the Logan Road store, in Holland Park.

Amart Allsports Community Kickback Program

This is a community program that gives 5% of all member purchases directly back to the school as credit to spend in-store, on sporting goods for our school teams.

Simply register for the Community Kickbacks program and 5% of all member purchases will go directly back to the school as credit to spend in-store.

What you need to do:

  1. join the Team Amart program and nominate MRSS on your account. (You can do that online or at the cash register)
  2. Swipe your card every time you make a purchase at Amart Sports

For more information, or to apply now, please see

IGA – support your community

Did you know, with a loyalty card at IGA you can nominate MRSS as the organisation you wish to support?

Then for every dollar you spend, 1 point will go towards MRSS. This year we have raised $1,270 so far – all without having to donate jars or cook a sausage!


To chat further about these programs, please contact the Fundraising Team.