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Volunteers are the life-blood of any amateur sports club. Other than paid roles for our swimming coaches, our club is completely dependent on volunteers.

We know it can be tricky to find time to help out – but many hands make light work! We have lots of different volunteer activities with varying levels of investment required. Many of them can be performed on a one-off basis, solely while you’re in attendance at swimming club events.

Remember, the more invested our parents are, the more enjoyable club activities are for the kids. So please think of the children and roll up your sleeves!

Frequently asked questions

How does the club call for volunteers
We’ll put a call out for volunteers at our club sign-on days or through our closed Facebook group as required.

For some activities (e.g. timekeeping for club nights) we will put a call out over the loud-speaker.

What does the club need help with?
Club night duties (e.g. set up and pack up, timekeeping, marshalling, canteen duties, arranging meals)
Carnival duties and end of year celebrations (e.g. set up, pack up, issuing ribbons or trophies, canteen duties, manning the BBQ).

What’s involved in arranging meals for club nights?
We try to ensure meals are available for purchase for every club night but this service is heavily dependent on volunteers. Our canteen coordinator will call for volunteers and draw up a roster at the beginning of each term. All members are encouraged to pitch in.

Volunteers are also welcome to donate home-baked goods for the canteen to sell on club nights. There is no roster for this – feel free to bake at will!

Here are some tips for volunteers arranging meals:

  • We usually have a few people rostered on to arrange meals and operate the canteen on any given club night. It can take a bit of coordination between volunteers so it’s easiest to team up with people you know if you can.
  • You decide what to serve – there is a BBQ available and a large hot box. Prepared food can be brought from home, or you can arrange catering e.g. pizza, subway, sushi.
  • Not sure how many meals you’ll need to supply? Our canteen coordinator can help. Or we can arrange for people to order their meals through our closed facebook group if that’s easier for you.
  • Any outlay involved in arranging meals is reimbursed by the club.
    Profits from meals form part of the club’s fund-raising efforts.

Do I have to volunteer?
Volunteering regularly is not compulsory but the club can’t operate when we are short of volunteers.

We ask that everyone make time to volunteer in at least some small way during the season, even if you’re simply minding the children of other people who are performing club duties.

Who can volunteer?
Parents and grandparents can volunteer. Children over 10 are able to volunteer too.

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