Marlins – Carnivals

Marlins Swim Club competes in 3 inter-club carnivals during the swimming season. The carnivals are held on a Saturday afternoon/early evening, with clubs taking turns to host. Details of the dates for inter-club carnivals can be found in the club handbook.

Carnivals are for children aged 5 to 18 who can confidently swim a minimum of 25 meters. All swimmers need to start on the blocks.

To participate, swimmers must be a full or associate club member and wear their Marlins Swim Club cap.

Frequently asked questions

How does race selection work for the carnivals?
Carnival events are age-based. Club families advise if they will be attending a carnival, and the club nominates swimmers for each event based on who will be attending.

Our club carnival nominations are not performance-based. We like to ensure everyone who wants to participate gets the opportunity to swim in at least one event.

Clubs can nominate for children to “swim up” if they don’t have enough participants in the correct age group. We try to make sure we have swimmers in every event as the club gets points for each swimmer. Swimming up is completely voluntary – we make sure our little Marlins champs get the loudest cheers when they swim up for the club!

Can non-club members attend carnivals?
Yes, non-club members are welcome as supporters at carnivals. Children need to be full or associate club members to compete at carnivals. Club membership can be arranged at any time throughout the season.

Are ribbons awarded at carnivals?
Yes, children are awarded ribbons for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Younger swimmers are often given participation ribbons as well.

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