How to get involved – 2018

​Our families are the heart and soul of our school. We provide not only the kids that bring us all together, but also the people, the ideas, the manpower and the passion that makes MRSS the truly standout school that we all enrolled for.  Marshall Road State School’s P&C plans to make our school even better!

As a state school, Marshall Road receives government funding to deliver the core curriculum to each child. However, it’s the educational and inspiring extras that our children receive at Marshall Road State School that sets our school apart from the rest.

The P&C plays an important role in fundraising and contributing to school life and we aim to raise at least the $40,000 required annually to deliver all of these excellent initiatives.

Give a Little. Get a Lot.

We all juggle, jobs, parenthood, school runs, exercise, trips to the supermarket, kid’s sport, social commitments and more every day. But in order for us to make this calendar of exciting fundraising events a successful reality for us all, we need a little of your time as well.

We’re asking you for a little of your time or a little of your money … or maybe even a little of both!

If every family gives a little, together our school community gets a whole lot.

A little money to help Marshall Road State School give our children the best; A little time to help make our events unbelievably successful. Or better yet, both. With around 500 children from more than 300 families enrolled this year, just a little from each of us would help the P&C raise the extra money the school needs to make this year our best year yet!

So whether it is paying your annual voluntary contribution or volunteering in some capacity such as our biennial fete or other activities please let’s all give a little and get a lot.