Entertainment Books

Each year the P&C offers parents the opportunity to purchase the Entertainment Book to take advantage of hundreds of discounts and special offers. The Entertainment Books are also a great fundraiser for the school – every book or digital app sold earns the school $13!

Marshall Road State School has started the EB fundraiser for the 2018-2019 Book.

If you would like to purchase the Brisbane Edition of the Entertainment Book, for $70, please go to the following link https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/2217h31.

You can buy all other QLD, Australian, NZ and Bali editions here: http://www.entbook.com.au/2217h31

If you do not wish to purchase the book that has been sent home with your child, please return it to the office by 24th April 2018.

If you have any questions please contact fundraising@mrsspandc.com