Calling for 2018 Project Ideas!

Published on: March 16th, 2018

How do you think MRSS P&C money is best spent? Do you have project ideas that
would benefit the school? Tells us what you & your child/ren think!

First the P&C will collect your direct ideas, and then conduct a survey in early Term 2 to find out which projects parents, carers and the wider school community think are important.

We don’t want to limit your inspiration. Your idea could be about a resource purchase, a program/initiative or an improvement to the school grounds. And, yes – you are welcome to submit more than one idea!

The survey results will inform how the MRSS P&C prioritises projects and allocates resources across the next 3 years. Cost of projects, funds available, legal requirements and school input will also be considered.

N.B This is a P&C run process, not linked to the School Opinion Survey (performed by the DET) & is separate to the school’s recently announced vision work involving some parent focus groups.

Submit your idea/s by March 31 st , 2018:

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