The AGM – Annual General Meeting

The 2020 AGM

Update from P&C Executive, 17 March 2020:

Good evening

I would like to advise everyone that the P&C Executive has decided to cancel next week’s AGM and tentatively reschedule it to the 20th April. This is the date of the next general meeting.

The P&C Executive is willing to stay on in their current roles until we can schedule an AGM.

The P&C Qld guide states that an AGM must be held by the end of March. Advice received from P&C Qld states that if this is not possible due to current circumstances, the P&C must advise the Regional Director via the Principal and schedule a new date as soon as possible. This is being arranged.

Kind Regards,
Vanessa Ientile


Documents to download for this upcoming meeting:

> 2020 Executive Officer Nomination Form
> 2020 Membership Application Form



The AGM (annual general meeting) is held each year at the beginning of the March meeting.

This is where the P&C elects the executive committee, and confirm subcommittees and their positions. The executive committee consists of the following officers; a President, at least one Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and any additional officers as decided by the association. A description of the roles is outlined, and all positions become vacant and have to be reappointed at every AGM.

If you would like to nominate for one of the positions available on the Executive Committee, you will need to complete the Executive Officer Nomination Form prior to the meeting. It’s only if there are no other nominations for the position that you can nominate yourself on the night.

The AGM is also the only meeting where you don’t need to attend to submit your application form to become a member. Just email it to or pop it in the P&C slot up at the Admin Office.

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