About Us

The Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) encourages all parents, new and current, to take an active part in their children’s education. All parents are eligible to join the P&C and we welcome fresh energy and ideas to help build on the school’s success.

Members are volunteers, who willingly give their time and enthusiasm to help make the school a better place for its students, parents and staff.


The P&C Association meets regularly throughout the year (see the dates on our shared google calendar). Depending on numbers the location may change within the school – generally it is in the staff room in A Block, but may be moved to the Library or PAC Hall. All members of the school community are welcome to attend. Come along and have a look, you are welcome to come to two meetings without needing to join.

If there something you’d like to discuss that requires a decision, you’ll need to submit a motion prior to the meeting (to the Secretary), please use the Notice of Motion template. This will need to be submitted before the Agenda is released on the Monday prior to the meeting.

Our AGM is held in March – the 2nd meeting of the year. This is the meeting that allocates position holders of the executive committee and the sub-committees. Read more information about the AGM (Annual General Meeting).

Functions of the P&C

The P&C at Marshall Road plays a vital role in the school. Functions of the P&C include:
  • Foster community interest in educational matters
  • Facilitate closer co-operation between the parents of children, the community, staff and students of the school
  • Give advice to the Principal about general operation and the management of the school and students
  • Provide financial or other resources or services through a range of fundraising activities

Services offered by P&C

The P&C operates a number of services to support student and parents. These include:

  • Tuckshop with an emphasis on healthy food
  • Uniform shop
  • Kidszone – quality, affordable outside-school-hours care
  • Financial support for the Parent Liaison Officer (PLO)
  • School photographs
  • Swim Club, Learn-to-Swim and Squad programs

These services offer products at competitive prices to the community and any profit is reinvested in the school.