2018 P&C Wrap-Up

As another school year ends I’d like to thank everyone who has participated in P&C events and activities this year. It has been a very successful year where we have achieved progress in fundraising, sustainability initiatives, music support, grant applications and forming a strong relationship with the current school administration.

Sub-committee summary

Fundraising team have raised approximately $11,600 through Mother’s day and Father’s Day stalls, melamine plates, a trivia night and the Christmas markets. They have also collated the Coles Sports for Schools vouchers which has significantly benefitted our children in providing an array of new sporting equipment so we can further promote healthy lifestyles.

Sustainability committee have set up the Container Refund Scheme on behalf of our school, organised the beautification of the vegies gardens via a working bee, collaborated with the school administration to provide a new chicken house and some more chickens to enjoy it. This committee are also preparing for another working bee next year to revitalise the permaculture area. This has allowed the children of Marshall Road to have access to a garden club and learn about growing produce, caring for the environment and recycling for a happy and healthy future.

Music support group have organised two fabulous music concerts where we parents have been able to hear how our young musicians are progressing. They also organised the highly successful school disco, enjoyed by students, parents, carers and teachers alike. They have raised approximately $9,000 this year to enable instrument purchases, servicing and repairs. Music provides a huge emotional and well-being benefit to the children and without these volunteers Marshall Road would be unable to provide instruments for the children to play.

Marlins swim club have again organised and provided a popular, inclusive and fun season of club nights. This enhances the physical, social and emotional well-being of around 120 kids currently and the parents have a great time getting to know each too.

Retail sub-committee, incorporating tuckshop and uniform shop, continue to provide our children with delicious and healthy food, along with a few special treat options, and easy access to uniform items. The RSC are working with the school to give the Grade 6’s the opportunity to assist in the tuckshop and learn some valuable retail skills. What a fantastic opportunity for our kids.

Kidszone continues to provide a quality service for our children at before school, after school and vacation care. The staff continually provide fun and educational activities for the kids to keep them entertained and they are also able to use many areas of the school grounds so the kids can be out and about burning off some of that pent up energy.


We have applied for several grants this year, not all have been successful but we have been very fortunate to have received the following:

Telstra Kids Technology grant providing Digital Kits for Kids.

The Ross Vasta Stronger Communities grant for approximately $8,800 to fund a further 2 chilled water bubblers on the senior oval.

Looking forward, we have just submitted a further grant to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund, hoping to secure funding to irrigate the senior oval and possibly the junior oval also. Both of these projects have been endorsed by the school admin, so fingers crossed!


We have spent this year communicating and working with the school administration and the school community to determine the next big project for which the P&C should fundraise. This project will be finalised early next year once the School Improvement Plan is released.

In the mean-time it is great that we have been able to provide funding for:
• 2 chilled water bubblers, including 3 phase power supply down to the senior oval
• An author’s workshops for a whole of school incursion during book week 2019
• Air conditioning for the sick bay
• IT equipment for Grade 6 student IT leaders to learn the skills to make infovideos and then develop the skills of others in the school
• Funding for student leaders to attend the group leadership program to be held at BCEC
• Providing teacher resources
• Purchase of a school mascot costume
• Provision of school mascot signage
• Funding for a mural near A Block
• Commencing set up of a Maker Space

In addition, the funds raised by Music Support Group are utilised specifically to improve the school music programme and they have provided:
• 15 Ukeleles and 1 Folk Guitar and case
• 1 double bass and 1 Cello
• 2 percussion mallets
• 1 trombone and 2 trumpets
• 2 flutes and 1 clarinet

Collaboration with Grade 6 Student Council Representatives

The Grade 6 student council have raised funds during the year and combined with some of the P&C raised funds have been able to provide a chilled water bubblers for the children to enjoy outside the swimming pool – what a great result for a collaborative approach between the school admin, students and P&C.

Come and join in the fun

Whether you have one spare hour a year, a few hours a month, or even a day a week, if you are looking to meet some more members of our wonderful school community, then come and join in and help at an event or join a sub-committee.

If you have a passion to make your kids learning experiences the best they can be then make it your goal to join the P&C in 2019 and play an active part in your favourite sub-committee, or event. And remember to come along to the P&C meetings so you can help shape the future of our school.

Without the help of our amazing volunteers, who willingly give up their time so we can all enjoy the fantastic events they organise each year, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy and discover the talents hidden within all of our children. From music to art, to science and technology, fun at the fete, a sausage and a cup cake on election day, the joy of choosing gifts for mum and dad, disco’s and trivia nights and who knows what more, they are all organised by VOLUNTEERS. So come on, just dive in, volunteering may be your hidden talent.